Clearing Up the COVID Confusion – Online Summit with Dr. Corrigan

Many of you have learned a great deal from my blog regarding COVID, but some people would like me to go more in depth, provide additional insight, or to simplify the explanations in an online video format.

I will be going live on the dates listed below. The videos will be left up online, and you will be able to stream them or to download them to watch them at your convenience. My blog is free, but you can join the online summit for $7.99. The following topics will be covered:

  • Saturday, January 23rd – Vaccines 1
  • Sunday, January 24th – Vaccines 2
  • Saturday, January 30th – Background on COVID (how it works, similarity to other coronaviruses, what it does to our body, real statistics on death rates, PCR and antigen testing, Herd Immunity and Our Immune Response (natural herd immunity, how our immune system responds, mutations/strains and attenuation)
  • Sunday, January 31st – Response (Effectiveness of masks, lockdowns, social distancing….and steps we can take)

All videos will be presented live at 8PM eastern on the dates listed above. After you register for the summit ($7.99), the area below will be unlocked and you will be able to watch the videos on the dates listed above (live). Directly following the live presentation, the videos will be left up for you to stream or download to watch at your convenience.

Also, please make sure you enter your correct email address when registering to receive communications and updates about the summit.

Videos will Be Accessible Below for Registered Viewers.

Register for access by clicking button below.


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