IPH Educational Certifications

Educational Certifications

The certification program offered by IPH advances in incremental modules that track along with the progress of the student. In this way, the IPH certification is structured as a continuum with milestones along the way. In this way, the student can benefit from receiving incremental credentials that advance at the student’s natural pace. This is in stark contrast to other programs that may take years to finish, and that may be inaccessible, unaffordable, and impractical for most students. The IPH certification program can be achieved in bite-sized pieces that are manageable and affordable.

Essential Oil Science – Level 1

This is the first certification, and it is a prerequisite for all future certifications offered by IPH. This certification covers the following topics:

  • The factors that are important in producing and analyzing essential oils.
  • The quality control techniques that are important for assessing the quality and purity of essential oils.
  • The mechanisms by which essential oils work in the human body at the molecular level, cellular level, and physiological level to support health.
  • The major differences between monomolecular therapy and polymolecular therapy.
  • The different types of synergy and their mechanisms.
  • A methodology for choosing essential oils.
  • How essential oils are processed in the body.
  • The physiological differences between the various application techniques.

To acquire this certification, the student must:

  • Read two books: “Innoilvation”, and “How Do Essential Oils Work? You can find the links to order the books below.
  • Pass an online test with a score of 80% or above. The test questions are derived from content in both books.

Note: The test covers information from both books. You can purchase the access link to the test below. You can purchase the test at the same time you order the books, even if you aren’t ready to take the test. After purchase, you can take the test at any time, and you can complete it at your own pace. You can take the test up to 4 times in 1 year at no additional cost.

Book – Innoilvation (Required)

This is required reading for the certification. (click photo above to order)

Book – How Do Essential Oils Work? (Required)

This is required reading for the certification. (click photo above to order)

Certification Test (Order together with Books)

A passing grade of 80% is required for the certification. (click photo above to order)

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