The Institute of Polymolecular Health (IPH)

The power of natural health is based on polymolecular synergy.

Western medicine is premised on the inferior paradigm of monomolecular therapy. Monomolecular therapy is structured on a single interaction that takes place between a singular drug compound and a single target. This causes many problems, including unintended and unpredictable side effects, loss of cellular homeostasis, and the inability to fix the root cause of the problem. Monomolecular therapy deals with symptoms, not solutions.

In direct contrast to monomolecular therapy, polymolecular therapy is structured on the basis of employing a cadre of many different molecules of natural origin. Natural molecules explore vastly higher dimensions of chemical space than those explored by the limited assortment of man-made, synthetic molecules. Hundreds or thousands of molecules are used in parallel to affect a vast multitude of downstream cellular targets and pathways. Polymolecular therapy leverages the advantages of synergistic combinations of molecules. This synergy gives rise to new activities not demonstrated by any one molecule, and it restores homeostasis to the cell while addressing the root cause of the problem.

The Institute of Polymolecular Health (IPH) was founded by Dr. Doug Corrigan with the purpose of delivering educational resources in the form of digital classes and books. Thousands of people have participated in Dr. Corrigan’s courses. Certifications can be attached to educational progress along a continuum of stack-able credentials. Click below to learn more about IPH’s certification program.

Educational Material (Classes and Books)

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You can find educational certifications at this link (click photo above).

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