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The Author of Light – Did God Reveal His Identity in the Physics of Light?

New Book by Dr. Doug Corrigan

If the universe were created by someone, is it reasonable to assume that the creator would leave a signature in the physics governing the universe? Dr. Doug Corrigan believes the answer to this question is yes. Dr. Corrigan believes a secret message is encoded in the physics of light that reveals the very nature and identity of the creator.  In this book, 18 different properties of light are revealed that paint a picture of the creator’s identity.  Not only is the creator’s identity revealed, but also the personal characteristics and actions of the creator.  Starting with the Special Theory of Relativity, Dr. Corrigan systematically reveals the extraordinary physics behind light, space, time, matter, and energy that tells a story about our origins, why we are here, and how we should respond. The reader doesn’t need any background in science or physics to understand the content of this book, as the story is presented in simple concepts that everyone can understand. This book is perfect for adults and teenagers alike.

The book is perfect for homeschool studies, small group studies, and bible studies. It also makes a great gift. To make it easier, there is a big discount for ordering the book in bulk (see below).

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