Come Hear Dr. Corrigan Present: “How Einstein Led Me to God” on May 22nd.

On Saturday, May 22nd 2021, please join us to hear Dr. Doug Corrigan present, “How Einstein Led Me to God.”  This is a free event. Explaining concepts presented in his book, “The Author of Light”, Dr. Corrigan will demonstrate how the laws that govern light, space, matter, time, and energy are embedded with a compelling signature that communicates to us the precise identity and characteristics of the Creator. From this talk, you will learn that the universe was uniquely designed to answer the question: “Who is the true God?” The good news is that you will not need any background in science, as Dr. Corrigan presents the material in easy-to-understand concepts that can be easily understood by teenagers and adults alike.

The event will be held at Concordia Lutheran Church located at 725 Truxton Dr. in Kingsport, TN on Saturday, May 22nd at 9am. The event will run until noon. Please call (423) 247-3582 for more information.

If you would like to arrange for Dr. Corrigan to speak at your group or church, please email:

About Dr. Doug Corrigan

Dr. Corrigan is a physicist, biochemist, and molecular biologist, and he is the author of the book “The Author of Light.” As a Graduate Fellow, he worked with NASA on microgravity experiments that flew aboard the Space Shuttle. Later in his career, Dr. Corrigan launched a biotech company that developed tools to help the pharmaceutical industry discover new antiviral drugs. He is an avid innovator, and has developed award-winning concepts for new medical devices, 3D printing technologies, cellular assays, nanotechnologies, sensors, and new materials. He competed against 350,000 scientists from around the world and won licenses for further development of ~30 of these technologies. For these awards, he was named a Super Solver and featured in the book, “One Smart Crowd.”

To learn more about Dr. Doug Corrigan, click here.

If you would like to arrange for Dr. Corrigan to speak at your group or church, please email:

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