Is the Spike Protein from the mRNA Vaccines Toxic to the Human Body?

With many people dying suddenly with no explanation, and all-cause mortality skyrocketing to unprecedented levels in many highly vaccinated countries, you may be asking yourself if the mRNA vaccines are the cause. You may know that the mRNA vaccines hijack our cells and convert them into Spike Protein synthesizing factories. Is the Spike protein toxic to the human body? What do we currently know?

The current mRNA vaccines contain mRNA (genetic information encoding the Spike Protein) encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle shell. These nanoparticles are transported into your cells where they release their mRNA cargo.

The mRNA is then translated by your cell’s machinery to produce a great number of Spike proteins per cell transfected with the mRNA.

How long will your cells produce Spike protein? Well, the mRNA in the vaccines was stabilized by using an abnormal chemical for one of the nucleoside bases that make up mRNA; specifically N1-Methylpseudouridine. The mRNA was also optimized by choosing codons that increase translation to produce higher quantities of Spike protein. All of these unusual modifications to the mRNA cause the mRNA to last an indefinite period of time and produce an indefinite amount of Spike protein. Ample studies weren’t conducted before the launch of the vaccine to understand these kinetics.

I say indefinite because studies were not conducted to understand the length of time, tissue distribution, or quantity of Spike protein that would be realized upon injection of mRNA LNPs into humans. Nor were studies conducted to determine if Spike protein is toxic to various organs and tissues.

But before and after the vaccine roll out, many studies demonstrated that the Spike protein is indeed toxic to a host of different tissues. Studies have also revealed that circulating exosomes containing Spike protein are present after 4 months post jab. An autopsy showed Spike protein in both cardiovascular tissue and in the brain. Another study showed Spike protein in skin lesions 3 months post jab. Another study demonstrated Spike mRNA and Protein in germinal centers 2 months post jab.

In other words, Pfizer and Moderna stabilized the mRNA by using an abnormal substitute for one of the chemical letters in the RNA alphabet. This enables the mRNA to persist in cells for a long period of time, and for Spike Protein to be expressed from the mRNA for an extended time period.

So we know the time window for Spike expression is at least 1-4 months, and potentially longer. Length of expression may be a complex factor of which tissues are invaded by the mRNA, the immune system history, and genetics of a given person.

If the mRNA is reverse transcribed and integrates into DNA in a transcriptionally active region of the chromosome, then it’s conceivable that some people may experience indefinite expression of Spike protein.

Repeated boosters would essentially start the clock over again, so it’s conceivable that a person with doses every 6 months to a year could experience near constant levels of Spike protein in their body.

Which is worse: to be exposed to the Spike protein from the virus, or the Spike protein synthesized by the mRNA from the vaccines? Due to this extended length of time, the repeated jabs, and the promiscuous distribution of LNPs in the human body, the toxicity profile that someone experiences from the mRNA jab is most likely much greater than someone who experiences a natural infection. In a natural infection, the expression of Spike protein is limited in both time and space. Most people clear the virus from their bodies in 2 weeks, not 4 months.

Also, although SARS-COV-2 can enter and replicate in different tissues of the body in some people, for the majority of people it is localized and neutralized in respiratory tissue. On the other hand, the Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) introduced into the deltoid muscle via the jab can enter the systemic circulation and travel throughout the body, especially if the needle isn’t aspirated. In addition, the resulting Spike protein expressed from those tissues can also circulate throughout the body either freely or in exosomes (lipid microvesicles ejected by cells).

It’s also very important to remember that the mRNA vaccines are based on the original Wuhan ancestral sequence, even though the virus has significantly mutated since then. Through this mutation process, the virus has attenuated itself (become less lethal) over time. Therefore, someone exposed to the virus today is exposed to a much different Spike protein than the original virus. The Spike protein from the ancestral strain was a component of the virus when it exhibited the highest Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR). Why are we continuing to inject people with genetic instructions to produce a Spike protein which no longer exists, and which is probably the most toxic form of the Spike protein? For many reasons, I believe we have enough data and theory now to make the assertion that the toxicity profile of Spike from the jab would be more severe than an infection.

We were told by big Pharma and the regulators that Spike expression wouldn’t last long. We heard everything from a few days to a max of 2 weeks. We were also told that Spike protein would only localize to the deltoid muscle and surrounding draining lymph nodes, and that it would not be expressed elsewhere. Studies are showing that none of these statements are even remotely true. Just as an example, we now know that Spike protein crosses the blood brain barrier via adsorptive mediated transcytosis in mice and is taken up into the parenchymal brain space. Autopsies and other studies are demonstrating Spike protein expression from the jab localizing to many different tissues in the body.

There is also very little that is known about the long term health impacts and toxicity of the lipids used in the lipid nanoparticles. One of the lipids is a new ionizable lipid synthesized in a laboratory. Another lipid is attached to a polyethylene glycol molecule in a process termed PEGylation, which was used to increase the longevity of the lipid nanoparticles in the human body.

Repeated mRNA boosters means (at the very least):

1) Repeated surges of circulating Spike protein, which is toxic to heart, brain, reproductive, and other tissues.

2) Repeated attack of tissues that express Spike protein by the immune system which has been trained against the Spike protein.

Here I want to describe some of what we know in terms of Spike and LNP toxicity.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

(All of the sections in quotes are taken from the review paper linked at the end of the article.)

“Concerns were raised years ago regarding the safety of LNPs due to their biodistribution. For example, they were found to disperse to the ovaries in experimental mice [18].”

“Pfizer’s own pharmacokinetic studies of a surrogate vaccine containing ALC0315 and ALC0159 LNPs demonstrated that they dispersed over a 48 hours period to many rat endocrine and immune organs including the ovaries, adrenals, bone marrow, liver and spleen [19].”

“LNPs are bioactive and the possibility of immunotoxicity has been raised…LNPs can also activate serum complement, resulting in complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA), which can lead to anaphylactic shock [24].”

“A recent pre-print study demonstrated that, when LNPs were injected intradermally into mice, inflammatory, pro-apoptotic, necroptotic and IFN gene pathways were induced, and when these LNPs were administered intranasally, 80% of mice died within 24 h [25].”

“Exposure to PEG can result in the production of anti-PEG immunoglobulin IgM and IgG, which can activate the complement system and result in anaphylaxis [26].”

“The main host target receptor for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is (ACE2). ACE2 is also expressed within placental tissues [52], and is involved in regulating fetal myocardial growth and lung and brain development [53].”

My Comments:

ACE2 is also expressed in many tissues of the body, including a range of reproductive tissues, respiratory tissue, and cardiovascular tissue. One of the main roles of ACE2 is to regulate blood pressure, but it also plays a role in other critical cellular processes. The fact that Spike binds to and interacts with ACE2 has many downstream health implications, depending on tissue and length of interaction.

Does the vaccine affect male fertility? We know ACE2 is highly expressed in human testes and epididymis, in particular in Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, and spermatogonia. A study published in June of 2022 by Gat et al. demonstrates that the mRNA vaccine causes a significant and prolonged decline in sperm concentration and motility up to 150 days after the jab. Even after 150 days, their data shows that it is statistically doubtful that sperm function has recovered. This is especially troublesome, since small changes in the birth rate in a population can lead to population collapse.

We also know that Spike can bind to ACE2 and down-regulate ACE2 expression. This leads to the damage of respiratory tissue, damage of vascular endothelial tissue, and fragmentation of mitochondria.

“A recent study using mice and human umbilical cord blood demonstrated that ligation of recombinant spike protein to ACE2 can activate Nlrp3 inflammasome assembly, resulting in uncontrolled inflammation leading to pyroptotic cell death [59]”

“Ropa et al. [60] demonstrated that hematopoietic stem cells from human umbilical cord blood express ACE2 and were adversely affected by spike protein in terms of their ability to proliferate and expand into progenitor cells.”

“Biancatelli et al. [61] recently demonstrated that intratracheal administration of the spike protein S1 subunit induced alveolar inflammation and acute lung injury and altered lung vascular permeability, leading to an ACE2-dependent systemic cytokine storm.”

“Suzuki et al. recently demonstrated that the spike protein S1 subunit (Val-16-Gln-690), but not the ACE2 receptor binding domain (Arg-319-Phe-541), elicited mitogen-activated protein kinase (MEK/ERK) signaling in human pulmonary artery smooth muscle and endothelial cells.”

“when the spike protein S1 subunit was added to platelet-poor plasma, it interacted with and structurally modified plasma proteins β and γ fibrinogen, complement 3 and prothrombin,.. …this may contribute to the hypercoagulation associated with COVID-19.”

“Also found within the RBD of spike proteins is a “toxin-like” epitope that shares homology to snake venom α-bungarotoxin [75], which is a highly specific blocker of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.”

“spike protein can also bind to the b1b2 domain of the neuropilin-1 receptor (NRP-1) [76], which normally interacts with vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) in neurons.”

My Comments:

Neuropilin-1 is involved in patterning, development, and growth of neurons and vascular tissue, as well as anchoring tissue to the extra cellular matrix. Interfering with Neuropilin-1 can create problems with neonatal development of cardiovascular and neurological tissue, and can also cause problems with angiogenesis and the structure and function of blood vessels later in life. In addition, interfering with Neuropilin is also associated with a host of different cancers.

With Neuropilin’s important & integrated role in mediating signal transduction in cardiovascular and neurological tissue, is it a surprise that injecting people with mRNA to turn their cells into Spike protein factories results in cardiovascular and neurological side effects?

With Neuropilin’s critical role in patterning neurological and cardiovascular tissue in early development, will expression of Spike protein in the population result in increases is neurological- and vasculature-related birth defects?

With Neuropilin’s involvement in regulating signals connected to angiogenesis, cell attachment, and cell growth & proliferation, will expression of Spike protein result in major increases in metastatic cancer throughout the population?
(Tumors require new blood vessels)

With Neuropilin’s involvement in vascular endothelial cell signaling/growth/patterning and fibronectin fibril formation and attachment, could the interaction of Spike and Neuropilin account for the strange vascular “tissue” being extracted in autopsies?

“The 2nd RBD region of interest potentially allows spike to bind to amyloid-forming heparin-binding proteins, which could lead to accelerated aggregarion of amyloid proteins within the brain. This supports Classen’s concern that C-19 vaccines could potentially induce prion disease.”

“The third region of interest within the RBD contains seven predicted molecular sites that share similarities to different toxins or virulence factors from 12 different bacterial species, 2 malarial parasites and influenza A [83]”

My Comments:

There are also segments in the Spike protein that are similar to the superantigen Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B (SEB). SEB is associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome, and is a biotoxin that causes polyclonal T-cell activation and proliferation, which leads to massive production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

“One hypothesis that COVID-19-associated multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) and the cytokine storm observed in adult patients with severe COVID-19 is mediated by spike protein superantigenic activity.”

“Dotan et al. also identified 41 immunogenic penta-peptides within the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that are shared with 27 human proteins related to oogenesis, placentation and/or decidualization, implicating molecular mimicry as a potential contributor to female infertility.”

My Comments:

We also know Spike protein is toxic to human cardiac pericytes via CD147.

We also know that accidental Intravenous (IV) injection of mRNA vaccine induces myopericarditis (inflammation of the heart), elevated troponin, infiltration of inflammatory cells, cardiomyocyte degeneration, necrosis and apoptosis of cardiac cells, edema, and pericardial calcification. It also leads to hepatocyte (liver cell) necrosis and ballooning degenerative changes of hepatocytes.

There is a growing body of data showing that the Spike protein may cause neurotoxicity, fibril formation, and prion-like disease.

In one study, they show that the Spike protein functions as a pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) to induce neuroinflammatory processes independent of viral infection. We know that Spike protein induces a subacute (24h) and chronic (7d) neuroinflammatory response. Spike directly induces a proinflammatory response in primary microglia (macrophages in Brain).

Spike RBD binds to a number of aggregation-prone, heparin binding proteins including Aβ, α-synuclein, tau, & prion. Spike binds heparin which accelerates the aggregation of pathological amyloid proteins.

The Spike protein can cause amyloid-like fibrils to appear after proteolysis. The spike peptide sequence 194-203 (FKNIDGYFKI) is amyloidogenic.

In a study in mice, they demonstrate a novel pathogenic mechanism for COVID-19-associated neurological symptoms that involves glial activation and non-cell autonomous hippocampal neuronal death by the brain-infiltrating Spike protein.

The cumulative toxic effect on neurological tissue from chronic exposure to Spike is not known.

We also know that Spike protein causes inflammation of vascular endothelial cells through integrin α5β1 —> NF-κB signaling. This leads to adhesion and infiltration of leukocytes and vascular leakage.

We also know that the Spike protein has a Nuclear Localization Sequence (NLS) which directs both the Spike protein and the mRNA into the nucleus of the cell where the DNA resides.

Once inside the nucleus, the Spike protein impedes the process of DNA damage repair, which is necessary for maintaining DNA integrity and inhibiting the development of cancer.

We also know that Spike protein causes endothelial cells to release von Willebrand Factor (VWF) within 5 minutes. —> VWF mediates platelet recruitment/activation and clot formation.

With all of the evidence above, how can the regulators still allow humans to be injected with the information to turn our cells into Spike factories? What more evidence do they need to shut the program down?

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