What if God left a message behind in the laws of nature?

If the universe were created by someone, is it reasonable to assume that the creator would leave a signature? I believe that the answer to this question is yes. Leaving a signature behind would serve several purposes.

First, it would authenticate the identity of the true Creator. Almost everything that is made by humans, whether it be a book, a piece of art, a software package, a toothbrush, or a car – is given a type of marking to authenticate the identity of the original creator. Books have authors, art pieces have signatures, and products possess brand names, logos, patents, trademarks, embossings, labels, design features, and serial numbers. These markings are all used to communicate the true identity of the product’s creator.

Secondly, a created piece can convey information about the personality and nature of the creator to those who would interact with the created piece. When we study Rondo a Capriccio by Beethoven, or At Eternity’s Gate by Vincent van Gogh, we learn something about the personality, character, and nature of the creator of that piece.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that God, the Author of all creation, would do no less? Since God is infinite in wisdom and power, wouldn’t it be your expectation that the creation would be filled with so many different types and layers of autographs that these signatures would appear to never end? Certainly, this cannot be proven, but I think that both tenets are reasonable expectations.

After many years of studying physics, quantum physics, biochemistry and molecular biology, I have come to the conclusion that God imprinted His character, nature, and identity into the physical laws that govern light, space, time, matter, and energy. My venture into this topic has revealed an undeniable autograph existing within these laws that identifies the true God.

I recently released a book that goes into depth about this topic. In this first book, I focus on the the physical laws that govern light, and how light affects space, matter, time, and energy. Amazingly, there are 18 different properties embedded in these laws that are clear identifiers of God’s nature, character, and precise identity.

I wrote this book for everyone, regardless of their background. The reader does not need a background in science to understand the content in this book. All of the topics are presented in easy-to-understand concepts, making this book perfect for teenagers and adults alike.

You can order the book at the links below. The book is perfect for homeschool studies, small group studies, and bible studies. It also makes a great gift. To make it easier, there is a big discount for ordering the book in bulk (see below).

If you would like for me to come speak to a group about this topic (in person, or virtually), please email me at DrDougCorrigan@gmail.com

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