What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement? A Simple Explanation.

What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement? (ADE).

In simple terms, ADE is when an antibody causes a subsequent infection to be worse than if the antibody weren’t present.

Usually, antibodies reduce the severity of an infection, but sometimes they can make the infection worse.

There are 2 major mechanisms that cause ADE. Both occur via on end of the antibody attaching to the virus, and the other end of the antibody binding to the FcyR receptor, which is present on the surface of certain types of immune cells.

The first mechanism is when the antibody binds to the virus and then enables the virus to infect and replicate in an immune cell (rather than neutralizing the virus).

The second type of mechanism is when the antibody binds the virus and creates a larger immune complex that stimulates the complement cascade. This causes excessive inflammation and destroys respiratory tissue.

ADE has been observed in dengue, West Nile virus, measles, RSV, HIV, Ebola, and coronaviruses (including SARS-COV-2). Many attempts to develop vaccines in the past have failed due to ADE occurring in animal models.

A distinguishing feature of when ADE kicks in is when the balance of antibodies shift towards a non-neutralizing” state. This occurs when the concentration of antibody drop, or when the viral antigen has mutated sufficiently enough to reduce the neutralizing potential of the antibody.

Therefore, the risk of ADE increases with time past vaccination. Meaning, as the virus mutates and the levels of antibody drop, a shift in the ratio of neutralizing to non-neutralizing antibodies can activate a state of ADE in a given person upon a subsequent infection.

ADE is less likely to occur in someone who has experienced a natural infection than someone who was jabbed. In a natural infection, antibodies are generated for many of the 22 different proteins made by SARS-COV-2. With the jab, antibodies to just 1 protein are made (Spike). Therefore, shifting to a non neutralizing balance of antibodies is much easier. A few mutations in one viral protein and/or a decrease in concentration of the antibody is all it takes.

In addition, in a natural infection, T-Cell responses are developed to 100’s of different peptide epitopes across the virus; whereas with the jab, most of these T-Cell responses are absent. The T-Cell response plays a role in the development of, or absence of, the ADE response.

This is an article I wrote to warn about ADE in August of 2020. I go over the theory in more detail and outline what Pharma knew at that time, and I provide plenty of references —>https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/08/01/is-a-coronavirus-vaccine-a-ticking-time-bomb/

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